Albert Adler, noted psychologist and educator of the 20th century, said that “people are not sick, they are discouraged.” It has been my experience that we encounter circumstances in our lives and relationships that leave us feeling hurt, disappointed, and ultimately stuck. Counselling is a process whereby I come alongside you and journey with you, as together we discover solutions to your problems, restore life to your relationships, and hope for your future.

You possess more resources than you realize and are stronger than you think. Whether you feel discouraged and in a position where you can't seem to move forward, or would simply like to realize a greater dimension of personal and relational satisfaction, I welcome the incredible opportunity to walk with you through both the tragedies and triumphs of your experience.

Client Stories

We went to Rob for pre marital counselling and he took it way deeper than just preparing us for marriage. He challenged us to work on finding healing through our own personal struggles in order to prevent them from creating barriers in our relationship as a couple later on in marriage. Our sessions with Rob were difficult and emotionally draining at times but his constant encouragement kept us going. We look back on our sessions with Rob and remember not only the counselling and relational skills he gave us but also someone who modelled authenticity, gentleness, and thoughtfulness which has helped us create a great foundation for our marriage. Engaged couple

I first came to Rob after the breakup with my long-time girlfriend. Feeling alone and shocked, I was guided by Rob through the initial stages of my healing process from the relationship, and soon discovered that there was a lot of ways in which I could grow. Rather than having me dwell on my former girlfriend and her issues, Rob enabled me to look inwards and focus on my personal development, particularly in the arena of authenticity. In a world of social media and entertainment, a world in which most men and women receive wounds from their families, I struggled particularly with maintaining consistency in my identity. Rob was a tremendous help in his ability to listen and draw out new realizations and revelation. He was quick to develop trust and my counselling sessions with him began a tremendous new season of my life which has taken me on amazing adventures while bringing me to greater depths of character. I would recommend him to anyone. Single male seeking relationship recovery

Rob Brooks is an exceptional counsellor who provided guidance and insight into my life when I needed it most. Rob gave me the tools to understand myself better and the decisions I was making. My time with him was illuminating and constructive, never judgmental. He let me do most of the talking and asked insightful questions, allowing me to take away a greater understanding of who I am. Rob was crafted to do this and I would highly recommend him. Single male seeking guidance

The counselling session with Rob was excellent.  He pointed out several areas, such as familial and financial issues, that my fiancée and I had not even considered.  We worked through these issues, and it has proven invaluable in our marriage.  Rob also emphasized the importance of active listening. He showed us ways we could go about doing this, which worked very well not only in the stressful build up to the wedding, but in the getting used to each other during the first months of marriage.  All in all, premarital counselling with Rob was an excellent short and long term investment in our marriage! Couple seeking relationship development

When considering therapy I feel the challenge is finding someone who really understands you. Someone who treats you like a human being, and not someone who has “issues”. I found that I always felt safe and understood no matter what came up for me in our sessions. If you are looking for a counsellor who can guide you to a healthy way of seeing things Rob Brooks is definitely the counsellor for you. I had so many light bulbs turn on in our sessions. My life isn't perfect, but at least now I am aware of what I do and have the tools to improve and become a better person. I have him to thank for that. Crisis intervention